Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Happy New Year

One of the foundations of Cornerstone is our aim to provide a welcoming space for members of the local community. There are so many groups that call Cornerstone home it's impossible to list them all but here is a taster...for more information on any of these groups please call or email us, drop in to speak to us or find group contact details on the website...

We have Yoga classes every week day except Thursdays, Tai Chi on Monday evenings, Pilates on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings and Thursday mornings, Kung Fu on Thursday evenings and on Friday evenings we have two dance groups - Earth Sky Dance and Biodanza, both from 6pm to 8pm. See our leisure activities timetable for times and details on all of these.

For children we have Amigos Multicultural Pre-school running every week day morning, Japanese Playgroup on Monday mornings, Kung Fu for Kids on Monday and Thursday afternoons, a Healthy Child Clinic on Wednesdays,  Cornerstone Pre-Walkers Group and Baby Ballet on Thursdays, Little Monkey Signers and Italian Club on Fridays, Hungarian Club every other Saturday and not forgetting that our two donwstairs rooms are available to hire for childrens parties on Saturdays too. See our children and families timetable for all the children's groups currently running.

For the over 60s we have Silver Steps dance, Yoga 60+ and Poetry for Pleasure on Mondays, Palmeira Club and Amity Bridge on Tuesdays, Tai Chi 60+ on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays and U3A Scrabble on Friday afternoons. See our Over 60s timetable for what's on.

We have several language classes curently running - U3A Beginners French on Mondays, Spanish Beginners on Tuesdays, Italian Conversation on Wednesdays and U3A German, French conversation and Italian for Beginners on Thrusdays. WEA also run low cost English and Functional Skills classes on Wednesdays and Thursdays. See our Adult Education Timetable for more details.

We have a number of self help, support or therapeutic groups using the centre - The Alexander Technique College are here Mondays to Thursdays, Yoga for M.E on Mondays, Shiatsu Massage on Wednesdays, CODA, Therapeutic Yoga and Pathways to Health (low cost ear acupuncture) on Fridays. Not to mention regular (fortnightly or monthly) Hove Stressbusters sessions, Qi Gong workshops, Threshold Womens Services and Spirituality groups amongst others. See our Self Help and Special Events timetables for more information.

We could go on - we haven't even mentioned the myriad special interest groups that meet here - from sewing groups to astrology, meditation to genealogy!

Monday, 7 December 2015

Christmas Market 2015

A massive thank you to all the stall holders and visitors who made our Christmas market this year such a success!